Luxury Hotel Shanghai – The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Luxury Hotel Shanghai – The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

It is magic arriving in Shanghai at dusk. Cast in a golden glow, high rises soften against the horizon. As the day fades, city lights flicker on – it is dark by the time we arrive at our ‘Luxury hotel Shanghai’, The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai – yet the distinctive honeycomb facade is instantly recognisable.

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Much is hanging on The Langham Xintiandi, our home for eight nights. Having already spent 2.5 weeks in Japan, our party of six is getting tired (our family extended by the company of Dutch based grandparents). Thus far we have bridged the generational divide admirably with a blend of city and country Japan – places visited previously so I was able to make spot on plans.

Shanghai however is uncharted territory. I come armed with a list from trusted friends for whom Shanghai used to be home.

I am also aware of other friends who enquire at my insistence at spending nine days in the city…”will your kids enjoy Shanghai…” is the implication.

For now all this is cast aside.

Hotel doors are swung open by top hatted doormen, we enter a scented paradise (I soon learn the signature fragrance Ginger Flower wafts throughout all The Langham properties – a stunning blend of Cut Grass, Tea, Green Apple combined with soft sweet floral notes of Lilac, Ginger Flower, Jasmine and Orchid).  This attention to detail speaks volumes of The Langham ‘brand’. Towering bouquets of exquisite florals complete the fragrant picture – unbelievable arrangements in urns to sweet Rose posies on every table.

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum

The Youngest son makes a bee-line for the gift shop and the distinctive bears – the Eldest heads straight to the restaurant buffet to investigate the offerings. The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi passes with flying colours and our Shanghai holiday is off to a happy start.

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum



When a particular city is uncharted territory, I find the ‘which location to stay…’ one of the hardest decisions to make.  The Langham Shanghai is in the heart of Xintiandi  ( translation is New Heaven and Earth); a pedestrian shopping and dining mecca. The majority of the area is housed in reconstructed ‘Shikumen’ (Stone Gate) houses – a fusion of mid 19th century Chinese and Western Architecture, antique walls, tiles and the exteriors were retained to depict old Shanghai – lending a taste of both Shanghai in the 1920’s and the modern fast pace that is Shanghai now.

I love walking to shops, dining and supermarkets. We feel in the heart of the city, yet at a less frenetic pace – the lower rise buildings and adjoining greenspace on one side and the high tech shopping malls on the other. The Langham Xintiandi location means easy walking access to the meandering lanes of the French Concession and a quick cab ride to The Bund (best described as a boulevard of magnificent Art Deco architecture, running along the Huangpu River).

Was the property easy to book?

We book direct – very easy.  Travel Agent friends have mentioned their experiences are the same.

During our Stay

First impressions?

Fragrant and opulent comfort. With an Australian at the helm – Mr John O’Shea (his Shanghai highlights in a future post) – the vibe of the hotel is efficient and welcoming. Staff are professional and exceptionally friendly. During our stay no request goes unsatisfied.

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi


How was Check-In handled?

Swift.  A small aside – we gave our Credit Card as a guarantee which is normal practice, however the next day we discovered the total room cost for our stay had been charged to our card. Whether this was our bank or the hotel error we never quite got to the bottom of it, and it really it wasn’t a problem. Eventually the charge was reversed and hotel management could not do enough to apologise. No harm done I simply want to remind how important it is to oversea check-in.

Ta da – how was the room?

We could have done with some personalised instruction on the room functions. If we had asked I imagine it would have been forthcoming, and if you stay on the Club Floors I know this is part of the standard arrival offering.

Grand Room King

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi


Grand Room – Shanghai Skyline View

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum

and Grand Deluxe Room – historic Shikumen buildings view

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum

Sleep – bliss or blah?

Facilities are extensive and the decor super comfortable. We had been warned of constant city buzz every corner of Shanghai, our experience is whisper quiet, we sleep like babies…zzz.

Photo 5-01-2016, 1 52 05 PM

Unpacking – is there room for everything?

Plenty for all our overflow. Loads of drawers and hangers.

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 59 04 PM

WI/FI – techie bright stuff.

Excellent free WI/FI throughout the hotel, and despite advice to the contrary, good connection to Social Media feeds.

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 56 16 PM

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 52 31 PM

Made to feel at home (robes, bottled water, tea/coffee).

One word – Nespresso. Unlimited in-room coffee – super.

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 52 06 PM

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 51 56 PM

Plentiful robes of the terry towelling variety – oodles of slippers (in varying sizes, a bonus as I do not generally fit Asian womens sizing).

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 59 14 PM

Keeping it clean – bliss or blah (amenities, decent hair dryer)?

Clever ammenities, well thought out. Full strength hairdryer. Huge bath.

The Langham Shanghai with The Urban Mum

Photo 2-01-2016, 9 50 35 PM Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

If you stay in one of the upper level Suites hot tubs and outdoor spas are offered (specific to particular room types).

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

In all bathrooms Japanese style loos are provided, not generally given to discussing toilets I make an exception for these…

Luxury Hotel Shanghai - The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi



A foodie destination, Shanghai has us out and about every day exploring new culinary delights. Nevertheless when we need respite from the hustle and bustle it is to the hotel we return.

My pick;


The extensive Buffet – buzzing with celebrating locals on the weekend, a calm oasis during the week. The Youngest makes his post at the ‘chocolate fountain’, the Eldest is seen ordering fresh noodles and dumplings –  I can’t get enough of the Custard Tarts – thankfully our day is filled with walking to counteract the indulgences.

Photo 5-01-2016, 11 57 19 AM

Photo 5-01-2016, 1 35 11 PM

Photo 4-01-2016, 12 54 15 PM

Vast offerings, from traditional to contemporary. Fresh and delicious.  The soaring glass atrium is a place you want to linger – which we do. When we finally have our fill we take a coffee to go – genius idea in a cute cup.

File 16-02-2016, 1 21 15 PM

Room service:

The kids menu is a real highlight – selections are served as three courses and even satisfy our hungry teen. Well priced…


T’ang Court – The Langham Shanghai signature restaurant, a relative to Hong Kong’s award-winning three-Michelin star namesake. An experience that my father takes full advantage of – his verdict – star worthy. Modern Chinese cuisine and the very best Cantonese dishes overlooking stunning views of Xintiandi.

Photo 5-01-2016, 1 38 33 PM


Action/Relaxation – what activities were on offer?

We love the tranquil pool (plenty of room for laps and play) and gym area – something about eating so much extra food makes me spring into exercise on holidays.


Photo 3-01-2016, 11 06 33 AM

Would I stay at this property again?

With further trips to Shanghai planned I would ensure this property is on my itinerary. In the heart of everything, it is wonderful to be able to walk safely around this fascinating city.

I’ll say it again – BECOME AN 1865 LOYALTY CLUB MEMBER and investigate staying on CLUB FLOORS the additional benefits are well worth the expenditure.


Have a look at The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi website to discover more…


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** observations my own – we were extended a Media Rate for our stay  (all other expenses covered by The Urban Husband) – thank you xxx


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