Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

Get a discount on your next Stayz break by staying fit on Holiday…


Some holidays are full of adventure, others are the ‘fly and flop’ variety – regardless, our family aims to stay active and fit on holiday


Whilst this is an admirable aim, the reality is harder to achieve.

In the absence of a regular gym routine or a favourite exercise buddy it is hard to stay motivated. My efforts start at full throttle for the first few days of a holiday and end with a cursory few laps of the pool by the end of a break. I know time away from home is meant to be a chance to throw routine out the window – yet when I make an effort to maintain fit on holiday I return to my regular ‘life’ feeling fabulous.

If you are like me and need an extra push (or if your fitness needs a total kick-start) – Stayz have come to the rescue. In conjunction with fitness guru Tiffiny Hall, guests of Stayz Holiday homes are offered the opportunity to keep active and rewarded on holiday.

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

We spoke with Tiffiny to get her tips for Stayz Fit on Holiday.

The Urban Mum:  I am a ‘morning exerciser’ – working to the theory to ‘get it out of the way’. Which time of the day works best for you?

Tiffany:  Me too! I’m all about the morning because it’s scientifically proven that exercising in the morning gives you ‘Exercise Satisfaction’. You feel a sense of satisfaction all day which means you are less likely to make poor choices during the day. I also love the boost of endorphins that help kick start the day. I also find that when I take a break from working out, I lose momentum – so I like to get it done and dusted early.

It’s great to make time for formal exercise; however – if we then just collapse in a deckchair for the rest of the day we are not going to achieve maximum steps for the day. What tips can you offer holiday makers for a fully active day?

I love starting the day with outdoor yoga and stretching, then a long walk or run to explore my new surroundings. I try and stay in a holiday home with a pool as I love swimming! It’s a great, low-intensity activity that is fantastic for recovering muscles and preventing injury.

I also love playing outdoor sports and activities such as frisbee, outdoor cricket, surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Hiking is a great activity to help increase your step count too. If you’re into tennis, look for a Stayz holiday home with its own court – a tennis game can earn you up to 4000 steps.

Playing with the kids is a great way to increase your steps – anything from hide and seek to catch – your options are endless. If you don’t have a gym or if it’s raining, use your body as a gym! Nothing beats a few body weight exercises such as walking lunges, squats, push-ups, dips and burpees.

Finally, if you’re travelling with friends or family, instead of going for coffee or lunch, take in your new surroundings and walk and talk. Then there are the incidental ways you can increase your step count – take the stairs, not the escalator or walk to the local shops instead of driving.

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

Where is your favourite holiday location?

I love exploring Australia. We have such an amazing coastline, so anywhere near the water and I’m happy. I love the Peninsula in Victoria, Rainbow Bay, the Whitsundays and Wineglass Bay in Tassie are all favourites.

What do you pack for pool side glam? 

Sunscreen is the number one. A visor – because I love the sun on my hair to make it blonder. My kindle – I love reading! Lots of sunglasses and colourful sarongs. I know it’s old school but I love to take my camera with me when I go on holiday. Oh and a beautiful, wide brimmed hat for by the pool can be very glam!

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

Do you take a break from cooking on holidays or do you have a favourite healthy meal plan you can share?

I love to take a break from cooking on holiday and try the local eats. I also like to keep up with my morning smoothie – check out my Instagram @tiffhall_xo for my smoothie recipes (yum to the Salted Caramel one pictured above…).  

Favourite part of your StayzFit holiday experience.                                                       

Exercising and earning a discount on my holiday!

The luxury Stayz accommodation that we stayed in was next level! From the beautiful open plan living area which overlooked the pool to the gorgeous kitchen and chill out areas. It was so nice to enjoy the private gardens too. It was the perfect babymoon for us.

Thank you for your time Tiffiny. x

Stayz Fit on Holiday with Tiffiny Hall

And just how does Stayz Fit on Holiday work?

  • The cost of the Stayz holiday rental works on a sliding scale.
  • The StayzFit listings can be found at
  • Guests secure their booking by paying in full – in the same way they would any Stayz holiday rental.
  • Upon arrival at the StayzFit holiday home, guests receive two step trackers that calculate their total step count each day.
  • Depending on the joint step target reached by the participating guests, the cost of the rental is discounted or refunded in full.


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