Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets

City exploration comes in many guises and by nature tends to follow a travellers area of interest – architectural marvels, the arts, historical culture, food experiences and of course the pursuit of shopping…

Hong Kong is a thrilling metropolis, full of twists and turns that afford the opportunity to indulge any activity that might take your fancy.

Yet by the very nature of the city you could spend days wandering and miss all the glorious bits, the quirks that make it unique.


Thankfully a 'local' Hong Kong expert is on hand to share his excellent tips -Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets.

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Thankfully a ‘local’ Hong Kong expert is on hand to share his excellent tips -Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets.

Henry Cheung (Marketing and Communications Director) Chats with The Urban Mum

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

I am a morning coffee drinker; my first cup becomes a ritual that anchors my day. Which are you, coffee or tea drinker?

Henry: I’m a very big fan of tea.  I need really strong tea to wake me up. From time to time I also start my morning with my favorite Japanese green tea to refresh myself.  Our lobby lounge offers high quality TWG tea – I really like their Earl Grey and Oolong Tea.

There are two really great freshly brewed Coffee spots around the Sheraton Hong Kong:

Freshly Brewed Coffee options around Sheraton Hong Kong:

The Urban Mum popped in here and loved this one…

N1 Coffee & Co. | Shop G, no.34 , Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

(this small and cosy café is run by an award winning coffee instructor / barista in Hong Kong)


Urban Coffee Roaster | Shop 44, G/F, Mirador Mansion, 7 Bristol Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

(chic café with a good choice of bespoke coffee beans)

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Tell me about Hong Kong, your city, how its culture reflects in Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers?

Henry: Hong Kong being Asia’s world city captures the essence of East meets West. And Tsim Sha Tsui is the heart of everything Hong Kong, east and west, old and new.

Strategically located along Victoria Harbour, our hotel is one of the very few locations enjoying the best views of the signature Hong Kong skyline; our convenient location also enables swift access to major landmarks and attractions in the city. Therefore if you are looking for a quintessential Hong Kong experience, Sheraton Hong Kong is the place to be.

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

The Sheraton Towers (executive level in other hotels) is also a signature offering from our hotel. Personalized service, access to Towers Lounge and also Oyster & Wine Bar for breakfast (both offering the wonderful Victoria harbour view) are some of the many favourite features among our guests.

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Where do Hong Kong locals go to get away from the city bustle, secret spots?

Henry: Tai O – an ancient fishing village that was once a shining port of the Pearl River Delta. If you are lucky enough, you will see pink dolphins in the dolphin boat tours there!

Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets

Sai Kung – visit the world class GeoPark showcasing the important geological themes of igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks. Sai Kung is also famous for eating seafood delicacies and outdoor barbecues for local people.

Some hidden gems / fun facts in the Sheraton Hong Kong.

The Outdoor bullet lift – the express elevator that goes to the Towers reception is actually the very first outdoor elevator in Hong Kong and remains to be a very signature feature of the hotel.


Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

she482ed-116916-Hong Kong skyline at night

The Pool Jacuzzi – a favourite spot among our guests, private and cozy and you can enjoy the view of the Harbour

File 17-08-2016.jpeg

Tips for travel packing – what is in your hand luggage?

Henry: As an photography enthusiast, there’s nothing more painful than running out of battery storage during a trip. Chargers, cables, spare batteries are all essential – I keep all these neat and tidy in my Sheraton travel pouch (The Urban Mum was a grateful recipient of one – the perfect size for onboard...).

And I do prepare my own tea bags for the flight so that I always get to drink a favourite tea away from home. Some times I just pop it into bottled water for a light and fresh cold brew.

Hong Kong Local Secrets


Tell us about your local Hong Kong favourites.


Teakha – a lovely café in western side of Hong Kong Island famous for their variety of tea and desserts.

(The Urban Mum enjoyed this spot for watching the ‘cool’ people come and go, tip; you must try ‘Green Tea Cheesecake’ – the perfect mid shopping afternoon pick-me-up!)

Not to be missed ‘local’ food experience?

Mido Café, Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

Beef Ball noodles / Hong Kong style French Toast / Milk Tea at Haiphong Temporary Market

(Hong Kong style French Toast is incredible and I dare you to resist the crispy home comfort food – an amalgam of peanut butter, jam, butter – fried to golden brown. Served with milky 1/2 tea, 1/2 coffee it is a heavenly slice of the past).

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Lan Fong Yuen

The local style milk tea is divine (there’s a branch in just a two minute’s walk from the hotel)

Shop 26, WK Square, Basement, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Best Hong Kong ‘artisan’ style markets.

A city renowned for traditional street markets, cheek to jowl with ‘copy’ markets – Hong Kong has a great emerging culture of artisanal markets.

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets


Best Hong Kong shopping secret (shhh I won’t tell)?

Star / Sun / Moon Street and St Francis Yard – small alleys tucked away from the skyscrapers in Wan Chai – many interesting shops and cafes there – Kapok / Monocle / Eclectic Cool etc.

PMQ – new design & cultural spot in town featuring designer (local & worldwide) items, interesting gifts and cool restaurants

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets

Tai Ping Shan Street / POHO area – a chic community (near PMQ and Man Mo Temple) with interesting shops and cafes (Teakha is there too!).

(The Urban Mum couldn’t resist a cute jacket from one of the boutiques on Peel Street just around the corner from Man Mo Temple – a favourite is Buttonhole).

Tang tang tang tang – lifestyle boutique opened by the founder of Shanghai Tang, housed in a building that used to be a famous pawn shop!

(uber chic with prices to match, if you want to take a small piece of luxury home The Urban Mum highly recommends the Ginger Flower room fragrance, divine – also try Shanghai Tang)

for more shopping inspiration

Where to go in Hong Kong - Local Secrets


Best Art Gallery?

For lovers of Contemporary Art

10 Chancery Lane Gallery

G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central


7F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central

White Cube

50 Connaught Road, Central

Where to go in Hong Kong Local Secrets

Thank you Henry for sharing…looking forward to learning more on my next stay at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers!

…and now is the time to return with Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers brand new “Hong Kong Explorer Summer Staycation Package” helping you explore the secret gems of Hong Kong.

Follow the “Old Town Central” walking tour guide to discover the cultural heritage of Central and Sheung Wan area (historical architecture, arts and culture). Or if you are looking for the best eats or hippest lifestyle boutiques down hidden alley’s – simply follow a “1-hour Gem” guide specially curated by Sheraton’s Concierge team for 60- minute itineraries of local hidden gems that can be easily accessed from the Hotel.

After all that walking you must top-off the exciting shopping privileges at premier retailers including leading designer wear specialty store ISA Boutique, the city’s shopping landmark SOGO Shopping Mall (Tsim Sha Tsui) and renowned perfume brands such as BURBERRY, COACH, or LANVIN  (valid from now till 30 September, 2017).

Loads of inclusions found here.

local Secrets Hong Kong Sheraton

local Secrets Hong Kong Sheraton

Where to go in Hong Kong – Local Secrets


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