Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays

I almost ruined a recent trip to Japan. A minor slip of usual pre-trip preparation sent me into a spiral of unnecessary concern… 

On the morning of my departure I received a text “Call me, now…”, said the frantic message from my husband.

A man not given to theatrics (unlike his wife I should perhaps add…), I wondered what on earth could have sparked his sense of urgency – all relatives were accounted for, and a quick chat with the teens assured me they were safely ensconced at school.

Mid-way through racing out the door to the airport I didn’t have spare time to shoot the breeze – I’d call him at the airport I decided.

Then my mobile flashed again, “Travel Insurance… you’ve forgotten to get Travel Insurance…”.

And thus nearly began the unraveling of a carefully orchestrated trip…

Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance

As a family, we travel often and have discovered a multi-trip travel insurance plan which offers ‘Peace of Mind on Holidays’ especially when you are on the move with kids in tow.

We had omitted to update the policy – which is how I came to be left high and dry and without Travel Insurance.

Thankfully a couple of quick phone calls later I left the country with my Allianz Travel Insurance policy number safely stored – yet a sense of what might have been continued to play on my mind…

I pondered occasions I might need to make a travel insurance claim while on a visit to Japan, based on our previous travel experiences overseas.

Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


  • We have had to make a midnight dash to the hospital with our eldest son – resulting in expensive prescriptions.
  • Injuries can go hand in hand with travelling with kids – thankfully we haven’t been affected – however a close friend’s son has suffered 2 x broken legs on skiing holidays (the doctor’s costs were exorbitant).

Allianz Travel Insurance offers 24 hour emergency medical assistance

Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance

Loss of Items

  • I have previously had expensive Golf equipment taken (albeit in another country).
  • It is hard to keep a handle of Skis & Boots when they are stored securely, yet in an area accessed by other people.
  • It is not common in Japan, however no country is completely immune to Credit Card theft.

Allianz Travel Insurance offers cover for credit cards, travel documents and personal items in certain situations – certain personal items, such as snow sport equipment, are only covered if added cover is purchased at an additional cost^

Delays to travel arrangements

  • Japan is an exceptionally efficient country. Yet unforeseen circumstances can occur, and a flow of missed connections can be costly to rectify.
  • Weather delays – winter conditions or other natural extremes.
  • There might be occasions where there is a need to return home quickly (maybe to tend to a sick relative), causing changes in travel schedules.

Allianz Travel Insurance offers options for cancellation fees, lost deposits and travel delay expenses^

  Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


  • Japan is a shopping mecca, my suitcases groan on departure. I would be devastated if my luggage was lost or stolen or lost – worse still would be an inability to efficiently claim for the loss.

Allianz Travel Insurance offers cover for luggage and personal effects^

Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


  • We always opt to purchase ‘add on’ Insurance for specific activities – because with kids and action you never know…

Allianz Travel Insurance offers Options for added Snow, Cruise and Adventure packs to cover specific activities at an additional cost^).

Rental Cars

  • Many areas of regional Japan are best accessed by car, so ensure you are not caught without adequate insurance to cover the excess you would have to pay as driver of a Rental Vehicle involved in a driving accident.

Allianz Travel Insurance offers cover for Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess^

Pre-trip preparation – whether in packing or preparing travel plans – your Allianz Travel Insurance leaves you with ‘Peace of Mind to enjoy your Holidays’.

Finding Peace of Mind on Holidays: Allianz Travel Insurance


^ Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see the Allianz Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for more information

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