What to Wear for Airline Travel

What to Wear for Airline Travel_ 6 Essential Outfits. Luxury Escapes with The Urban Mum

What to Wear for Airline Travel

6 Essential Pieces

Deciding what to wear on the aircraft takes up an extraordinary amount of my packing time, essentially because I want my airplane outfit to work for me. Despite travelling for years I still get excited when I head off to the airport, and I am conservative enough to believe travel is still an occasion worthy of style (besides you want to be ready for any upgrade opportunities that might come your way…). On-board comfort also plays a major part of my wardrobe dilemma – you don’t want seams digging for hours, or fabric that doesn’t breathe.

In an attempt to take my pre-trip procrastination down a notch, I have managed to narrow my travelling outfit to a ‘uniform’ of sorts…

It might change slightly, dependant on location (no trench coat for tropical holidays) – nevertheless there are now six items I wear that make me feel like I am travelling comfortably in style.  None of the following items are a new idea, cast an eye over a fashion magazine or around an airport departure hall and you will always see variations on this theme.

Many celebrities also follow this mantra (although I’ll leave wearing sunglasses inside to them…):

What to Wear for Airline Travel


What to wear for Airline Travel via Uniqlo

1. Katherine Heigl with a Trench coat– Pop on a trench and you are virtually dressed! Choose one without lining so it doesn’t drag you down. As an alternative a lightweight down coat will serve you well if you are travelling to a colder climate (you can get some amazing ones at Uniqlo that pack into a tiny bag).

What to Wear for Airline Travel with The Urban Mum

2. Gwyneth Paltrow with a Large wrap – A large wrap is always included in my list of what to wear for airline travel. I have one that is a cashmere/wool blend (lightweight and easy to wash if needed). It doubles up as a blanket on board, a wrap on arrival (to cover aircraft crumpled clothes), and finally as a scarf when I reach my destination. Talk about multi-tasking!

3. Charlize Theron in Stretch Pants– I really love stretch pants, especially black ones. They’re comfortable, non-crush and equally at home with heels or sneakers. You can dress them up and down and match them with so many styles of tops. These ASOS black leggings come with me on every trip, at AUD$20 they are amazing value!

 4. Cameron Diaz in a Silk shirt– contrary to popular belief, silk is easy to travel with. I ensure the fabric has a blend of silk/stretch so there will be no wrinkling issues. Many silks are now washable and virtually drip dry. They breathe, keep you warm and make you look amazingly ‘put together’. I love the Equipment shirts, available at David Jones or online.

 5. Sienna Miller with Ankle boots– I like a small heel, however flat is just as good. The zip access makes for easy removal at security checkpoints. Generally, they are roomy enough to allow for wearing a sock to keep you cosy onboard the aircraft (and accommodate any swelling due to altitude –it doesn’t matter how many laps of the aisles I do, I always end up with swollen limbs). I bought a pair from Tory Burch  online (in the USA sales), as comfortable as slippers with style…

6. Reese Witherspoon with an Oversize Bag– I use whatever brand is comfortable to carry (currently mine is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull which is cavernous – a major investment but still going strong four years later). It fits a change of clothes, electronics, and toiletries. I used to take a wheely bag but find it too hard to juggle with my suitcase at the other end.

So there you have it – my travel outfit ‘uniform’.

What do you like to wear for airline travel (do you go for style or comfort or a combination of both)?

What to wear for Airline Travel via Uniqlo










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