Car Review BMW 228i Convertible

CAR REVIEW BMW 228i convertible

Car Review BMW 228i Convertible

Gaining credibility in the eyes of a ‘tween’ is hard work…a lot of eye rolling punctuates my jokes; apparently my music taste is rubbish (I used to run a record store in my youth…I know my Dexys Midnight Runners from my Spandeau Ballet), my meals are ‘boring’, and my rules on electronics use is ‘unfair’… Fortunately my skin is thick.

Recently I found an ace up my sleeve…

I was asked to review a BMW 228i Convertible for Practical Motoring, a car not necessarily designed with families of growing children.  In my mind this added up to perfect; I foresaw a week of making the kids catch the bus while I swanned around in my Luxury Wheels. I love driving, although I was not previously a fan of convertibles (too much hair and wind and frankly a bit posey); I said yes to the gig…with surprising results.

The kids didn’t have to get the bus as our family of four (and school bags and groceries), fitted neatly into the car – and I slid easily into tiny inner city car spaces that take several attempts to wedge the SUV into.

The ‘tween’ decided to be my friend again (apparently a bit of top down does look cool – although he did ask if I could “turn the music down”…), and I am a convert to well, convertibles. Not practical for our everyday family car, nevertheless for a week I felt decided glamorous, zippy and frankly more youthful.

A middle-aged Mumma cliche maybe – but loads of grown up fun – and that can’t be a bad thing…

Car Review BMW 2281 -


Car Review BMW 228i Convertible – you can read the full review at Practical Motoring.








  • You look perfect in that convertible, I reckon you should keep it! 😉 Love that this has raised you up the “Tween’s” heirarchy of coolness!

  • You get a BMW convertible to review and I get fly spray and cockroach baits. I’m clearly doing something wrong. You look super cool and classy driving that car. They should use you for the ads!

    • My husband loves cockroach baits and anything that gets rid of flying nasties too – he would have preferred I did a review on those…less expensive for post-review purchasing than a BMW Convertible..which of course I am now angling for…x

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