Holiday Souvenirs: Postcards

Then there are my Postcards. 

Holiday Souvenirs: Postcards

Over many miles of travel I have amassed  ‘collections’ as mementos.

Every morning I sip nostalgically from Blue Pottery ceramic mugs courtesy of  Jaipur (although mine is actually black and white…), I picture the chaotic few hours my friends and I desended on the factory like locusts. Painstakingly choosing matching sets – as each piece is handmade there will always be slight irregularities – making them all the more precious.  I attempted to continue this theme on visits to Japan and New Zealand, although the weight of these items makes it often not practical.

Years ago I began to bring the boys home a snow globe from each place I visit without them; it never ceases to amaze me the places you will unearth one of these icons of kitsch (snow globe from the French Alps of course, but Fiji…).

My Hermes silk scarves courtesy of trips to Paris my sister and I make together (always vintage, always bought for each other); liberally dowsed in Chanel fragrance from our foray into the iconic Rue de Cambon store where we gaze upon the beautiful couture. So posh you ask before spraying the perfumes. After these expeditions we head for lunch at a cafe across the street where we watch elegant Parisian women gather to sip lemon tea (we are most obviously the outsiders as we are the only ones to eat, choosing the same favourite each time, Croque Monsieur, avec Frites et Coke Lite…served with damask linen and solid silverware).

Then there are my Postcards. 


Holiday Souvenirs, postcards from around the globe

There are more efficient ways to send a note to someone, to remind them you are thinking of them while far from home.  Nevertheless, nothing ever replaces the joy of going to the mailbox to retrieve a Postcard – studying the picture the sender chose, examining the stamps and reading the message.

Many of my postcards are bog standard tourist fare, others were unearthed in markets, art galleries, local garage sales (always so much more rewarding in a foreign place…). I have postcards my mother received as a child from relatives left behind in Holland and postcards sent home to the boys when they were little. My grandparents travelled regularly to Rarotonga, postcards received from them began my love affair with swaying palm trees and things tropical.

All tell a story.

My youngest son is a collector, recently I sat with him and bequeathed my collection, beginning a new generation of wanderlust.

Then there are my Postcards. 


Do you have favourite collections of Holiday Souvenirs?

Do you still ‘believe’ in Postcards?


  • Love your collection of postcards Monique.
    My favourite holiday souvenirs are 2 very heavy marble statues that I made my husband carry around Rome and Paris! They now sit pride of place on my bookshelf.

    • Okay – well then I have to tell my husband he has got off lightly thus far, 2 heavy marble statues sound gorgeous, and hard work to transport! Nothing like looking at mementoes and recalling the fabulous holidays that went with them…happy memories…x

  • melanie says:

    I love these post cards!
    Melanie @

  • Aww postcards are such a dying breed. I remember the fun of writing to everyone back home when on holiday. I often find now that the postcards you find now are the ones that were printed back in the 90s though – very dated and faded 🙁

    • I agree Helen, such nostalgia…I find the best spot to locate quality postcards are in local bookstores…they thankfully still seem to hold onto the dream…x

  • Oh I adore postcards. I’ll admit I don’t send as many as I did before smart phones were instantly sharing where I was with family and friends, but I still take the time to send at least one or two to my folks when I travel, especially if it’s to a new place.

    I love the fact that my parents have saved them all, so I haven’t only sent them my love over the years, I have a little time capsule of my travels in the form of postcards. Social media updates may fade but they’ll last forever.

    • Hello Amanda, Thank you for popping by! I wish my parents had kept all of my postcards…thankfully I tended to buy doubles so I have my own record, thrilled to meet a fellow Postcard lover…x

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