Luxury Escape – 5 Travel Size Perfumes

Luxury Escape – 5 Travel Size Perfumes


My favourite fragrance (Chanel les exclusives Sycamore – if you were wondering) does not come in a handy travel size.

Luxury Escape for The Urban Mum - 5 Travel Size Fragrances

It needs to remain at home while I holiday.

Leaving me with a perpetual dilemma of which fragrance to pack.  One day I might be like Marie Antoinette and commission my own fragrance, until such time I have sampled, and sprayed and tested 5 travel size perfumes so you can go on a Luxury Escape in style. Because scent memories are so evocative…it is lovely to leave a trail in your midst.

Luxury Escape for The Urban Mum - 5 Travel Size Fragrances


  1. MOR Boutique Marshmallow Perfume Oil (roll-on)(9ml) AUD $19.95 at David Jones.

MOR Boutique Marshmallow Perfume Oil’s handy size makes it one of the best travel size fragrances.

It’s a perfect combination of some of the most fragrant oils – vanilla musk, jasmine, grape seed, avocado, sesame, sunflower and rose hip; and enriched with Vitamin E too. It’s safe to use since it doesn’t contain parabens and sulphates.

It smells oh so delicious, not heady at all. I don’t usually wear such a sweet perfume, however whenever I pop this one on I get loads of compliments.

2. Chanel nos 19 refillable perfume spray  (50ml) AUD $179.00 at David Jones

Chanel no 19 will always be one of the best-loved travel size fragrances for women. A larger size than the other samples, it is still under the magic 100ml allowance for onboard liquids. The scent is closer to my preference for greens (contrasting notes of flowers, greens, powder and wood), giving this classic fragrance distinction. Although I do find the fragrance doesn’t last for long on my skin.

3. Nest White Sandalwood Roller Ball (9ml) US$25 (available online at Sephora, I have not seen it available in the Sydney store)

I have mentioned before my love of Nest fragrances, the packaging alone is swoon worthy.  This version is a blend of white Indian sandalwood with creamy almond and white musk – for me it has great staying power. A gorgeous evening perfume.

4. Philosophy Pure Grace Roll On (60ml) AUD $60 (this is the price for the larger size, however you can purchase the smaller roll-on at Sephora online)

A best seller for this brand – whenever I apply it I smell clean, a just ‘showered’ scent. This is the one I take when I travel to warm weather climates as it is really refreshing to wear.  A subtle fragrance that opens with the scents of bergamot, lavender, water lily and jasmine then gradually smells of cool greens and ends with a refreshing, musk scent.

5.  L’Occitane Solid Perfume Arlesienne AUD $16

I wasn’t enamoured with the solid perfume idea, until I bought this for my rose loving sister. She smelt divine and the container was brilliant to carry around all day in her handbag. I can see the merits of this for hand luggage. The sweetness of roses andvviolets sprinkled with a little bit of saffron give Loccitane Solid Perfume Arlesienne a pretty floral scent.

Is travel size perfume a part of your Luxury Escape wardrobe?

Have you got any favourites I have missed?

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