Where to Shop for Vintage Fashion in Paris

Where to Shop for Vintage Fashion in Paris

Where to Shop for Vintage Fashion in Paris, London & Sydney

I am very good at editing my wardrobe.  Selling the fancy stuff or dropping the rest off to clothing bins.  I love that in a world of disposable garments & cheap manufacturing, some things live to see the light of another day.

One woman’s trash – and all that…

For clothing I go for quality over quantity – every time.

It can get a bit tricky as the definition of this can be subjective.

For example my idea of forgoing the quantity in order to buy quality does not match the The Husband’s understanding. Otherwise why would he have asked this on Friday?

“Why do you need another pair of shoes with little heels and pointy toes?”

It had been a long day.  I simply didn’t have the strength to respond.

However I have a secret up my sleeve.  I began buying vintage fashion 25 years ago when it was simply known as second-hand.

Now it is known by many fancy moniker’s such as upcycling (sounds strenuous) or vintage (mothballs).  I am now an expert and I call it charitable good sense.  It is a genetic trait; my sister, mother and I have been known to plan entire holidays around this style of shopping.  Here is a picture of my sister about to wrangle a garment from Pippa Middleton (sister is far left, tiny image).
Where to Shop for Vintage Fashion in Paris
A friend of mine wondered if all I buy is vintage fashion.  Yes and no, I told her.  Some of the big ticket items are but the basics no.

Granted it can be a little time consuming – hunting the best stuff – however it is more fun than wearing a garment that you see on twenty other people.

Some people don’t like old – and I get that.
For me though It is about more than just clothes.  It is someone’s history.  I often wonder about the elegant woman who once owned my treasured pig skin, clasp top handbag.  Found for a song and complete with a pressed, lace trimmed handkerchief.

Start small, with a necklace maybe, or a scarf.  You just never know what you might find (or who you might meet) while buying vintage fashion.    The afore mentioned  sister also once had a tussle with Sir Bob Geldof over a perfect pair of jeans (he won).

I’ve unearthed cast offs from  Princess Marie Chantel for my youngest son, discovered a vintage Hermes Scarf at the bottom of a pile for 2 Euro and fought with my sister over brand new Joseph leather leggings at a fraction of their full retail price (I was the victor).

Charity shops, markets, garage sales, designer recycled boutiques.

Here is a taste of my pick of vintage fashion from around the globe.
All in the name of a good cause you understand…


British Red Cross Charity Shop, 69-71 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, UK
LOWDOWN  Brilliant for celebrity spotting.  All the smart London socialites bequeath their cast offs to this shop.
Di Nuovo, William Street, Paddington, Sydney, Australia
LOWDOWN  Fantastic boutique to sell your up-market fashion, be warned you might dispose of items but their range is so good you will leave with more.
Freepstar, Le Marais, Paris, France
LOWDOWN  Found; Hermes Scarf (2 Euro), cashmere ‘Nana’ cardigans, French art smocks and leather shorts.  It gets BUSY so avoid the lunchtime rush and prepare to have to sort through bins.
Sell Your Sole2121 1st Avenue, Seattle, USA
LOWDOWN  When I was there I unearthed lots of fabulous Moncler jackets and Burberry trenches – if this is your thing head their way.
Vinnies, Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney, Australia
LOWDOWN  If you are patient there is always a treasure to be found.  Brand new Rupert Sanderson shoes and Dolce & Gabbana jacket were my lucky buy.  Be patient, some visits more rewarding than others.


  • candyfloss says:

    OK – so you know who I am. Your devils double on the other side of the Globe. Bagged a Phillip LIm 3.1 silk white shirt today for £20 and a vintage silk shirt yesterday in mustard for £10. Kathy, my vintage shopgirl, tells me they are putting more out this afternoon. My goodness, the treasures are precious. And then I dump my edits on ebay to those who find treasures out of my trash. Yes I agree it is time consuming but when you have beautiful things that have had a previous life for a fraction of their real cost it is time that I willingly spend. My only regret, the pair of RL black wool 7/8 trousers I left in the shop yesterday. I went back this morning once I saw your blog photo and of course they were gone! To the lady who saw me try them on and put them back. It is getting competitive out there for cast offs so my sources are a secret!

  • Love shopping at second hand stores. We often pass on our clothes, toys etc to Vinnies. One day the lady who was serving us said that while it was fantastic that people drop things off, what they really want is for people to buy something. So everytime we drop something off, we buy something as well.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  • Heading to London today and I’ll definitely be checking out British Red Cross in Chelsea now! Thx for the tip. Xx

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