5 of the best Packing Cubes for Travel

  Why packing Cubes have changed the way I travel. Packing for holidays is now a breeze...especially with kids in tow

5 of the best Packing Cubes for Travel

It might be a touch dramatic to say my discovery of packing cubes has changed my travel life – however it literally has…

I have always been an organized packer, written lists, and tried on outfits ahead of my departure date. However, as I have mentioned previously, I used to be a chronic over packer. Too many just in case items found their way into my suitcase.

Then along came kids. If my husband had previously thought dragging an extra large bag on the cobblestones of Italy, and trying to squeeze it into the Eurostar luggage compartment was a problem (it was my first trip to Europe and I thought I needed everything I owned to look swish…) – it was nothing compared to all the paraphenaila that comes from moving a family from A to B.

I soon realized that juggling toddlers and suitcases was never going to work. My clever Mum bought me a set of Packing Cubes, and I became smart (read ruthless) when it came to organising and packing our things.

Now packing for each member of the family is a breeze. Everyone has their own cube for tops, bottoms, underwear/PJs, and extras (hats, gloves, swimmers, goggles, toys). I also use them in our hand luggage for electronic gadgets and a change of clothes for the boys.

The absolute gem is there is no need to unpack when you arrive at your destination.  Simply put the packing cubes into the drawers at your accommodation, then back into the suitcases upon departure. They take up less space in the suitcase, keep clothes neat and (mostly) wrinkle-free.


How to pack for a holiday with The Urban Mum - 5 BEST TRAVEL CUBES FOR TRAVEL


1. IKEA – UPPTÄCKA These are the bee’s knees of travel Packing Cubes. I have had mine for over a year and many trips later they are still going strong. Flexible (so they can fit a surprising number of garments) and mesh tops,  I have pink for me and blue for the boys and the Husband. It is free to become an Ikea family member (either instore or online) and well worth the effort for the savings. For members, Upptacka costs $6.99 per set of 4. Regular price is $8.99. The set includes 1 small bag, 1 large bag, 1 large bag with two compartments and 1 shoe bag Brilliant value.

2. Apropos Travel Packing Cubes  What I love about these packing cubes are the colours in the range. Cost AUD$30.10 for a set of 3 (small, medium, large).

3  Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Half Cube This is a more expensive option, however it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Intrepid travellers swear by Eagle Creek products. If you have a look around on their site you will see their extensive range. Available in Australia through Bagworld. AUD $19.50.

4. Kathmandu Footwear Cell  I love that this packing cube is specifically designed with shoe shape in mind. My mother travelled throughout India for 3 weeks with hand luggage (she managed to pack heaps of different outfits). She said that without her Kathmandu packing bags it would not have been possible. Not sure I could do hand luggage, although I can see it comes with an attractive sense of freedom… Become a member of the Kathmandu  Summit Club for substantial savings on the range. AUD$29.98 (members $17.99).

5. Shacke Pak I love this range not only for its beautiful design but also for its added feature – a laundry bag! The set costs AUD $29.00 for a set of 4 cubes (available through Amazon).

Do you use packing cubes for travel?

Have you discovered a brand I haven’t mentioned?


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